410’s Project Bike 2016

Traveling Minnesota one Piece at a Time

410’s Project Bike is a state wide bicycle tour with local artists setting the destinations. For 9 days this August, 410 Project’s Director Dana Sikkila will set out on a trip with her bike, trailer, and camera crew connecting with Minnesota artists, learning what motivates her fellow Minnesotans to create art. At each artist stop Sikkila will collect two artworks which will then travel along with her until she returns back to Mankato, where they will be placed on exhibit in October 2016 at the 410 Project.

Along the way her trip will be documented by friends and fellow artists True Facade Pictures, an Independent Film and Video Production Company (www.truefacadepictures.com). Capturing the tales from the trails and and sharing artists stories of what it means to be a maker here in Minnesota. Eight to ten artists ranging from big cities to rural communities will be selected as this years 410’s Project Bike artists. Follow Sikkila along the way while she connects Mankato’s arts to Minnesota artists.

With the increase of social media and online presence we’ve lost the true connection between the art galleries and the artists. With everything usually being done online or through the mail we don’t get a true understanding of who these artists are and why they make their work. Getting down to the basics Sikkila proves that one person, a bicycle, and self-motivation can bring people together by sharing stories and creating awareness for the arts in Minnesota.

Art work will be collected by Director Dana Sikkila between August 14-21rd

All artwork collected through this trip will be on display at the 410 Project Oct. 2nd- 18th

This Project is sponsored by: 410 Project, Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council, Region Nine Development Commission, True Facade Pictures